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Maya Schønning Kjærulff

Could I call it disappearance, 2024

Could I call it disappearance, 2024

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Text printed on fabric with frame and museum glass (Anti reflective and UV protected)
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Maya Schønning Kjærulff

Maya Schønning Kjærulff (b. 1996, Copenhagen, DK) is a Danish visual artist, currently finishing her bachelor’s degree at Glasgow School of Art. In her artistic practice, she explores the relationship between text and textile, pictorial memory, and translations between media, from the abstract to the physical. 

Maya Schønning Kjærulff’s work revolves around editing and translation processes.

Cropping and reframing found material from the internet, among other sources, she explores the relations between the private and the public as well as error and memory.

Using a digital loom, she weaves both texts and images, where certain information is often left hidden.

In the translation from abstract concept to tangible material she also find the complexity of memory; when digital memory is woven together with a pictorial memory that is expressed in certain images we can't seem to forget.

Her textile work also explores threads, both in the weave structure in the fabric as well as threads in a narrative or in conversations. When private material is shared publicly like a gallery space, it is also the tension field between the viewer and the work, that interests her.