POP UP ARTS aims to be the industry's most responsible and sustainable art platform.We believe transparency is essential and that it will help us improve and enhance our organization.
Sustainability is about leaving a positive footprint on the earth and creating the best social and environmental conditions for the future.

sustainable development

Being sustainable is a continuous and constant effort to make a difference. Our holistic approach includes innovating and taking the initiative both environmentally and socially. We work towards our goal with strategic planning by setting process, performance, and outcome goals. We will do our best to be informative about our activity and measures to become sustainable.


Our main challenge in sustainability is transportation. We use cargo bikes to transport most materials, artwork, refreshments, and consumables. Our primary concern when making partnerships in regards to transportation is finding responsible partners with the same ethical principles as POP UP ARTS.


We are aware of the issues regarding waste from guests to our events and in our day-to-day workspaces. We aim to be conscious of this and provide solutions in any way we can. Our primary concern when making partnerships regarding waste is finding responsible partners with the same ethical principles as POP UP ARTS.
During the POP UP FESTIVAL, we will specifically use biodegradable disposable cups to reduce plastic waste. We will also be sorting waste and doing our best to minimize our footprint on each exhibition space.

food and beverages

POP UP ARTS will partner with various food and beverage companies. Before commencing a partnership, we sit down with each potential partner and discuss their sustainability efforts and policies regarding the subject. It is critical for us to have partners that also think sustainably in their organization and sales.