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frequently asked questions

How do I apply to POP UP FESTIVAL 2023?
Is there a budget for the festival to assist with accommodation, travel, or shipping fees for artists?
During the application process, is the artwork submitted expected to be the one that will be displayed at the festival?
How are the specific works to be exhibited at the festival selected?
What is the difference between POP UP FESTIVAL and POP UP ARTS?
Does POP UP FESTIVAL collaborate with artists outside of the festival and application process?
Can I send applications through Instagram or facebook?
How many artworks can I submit in the application?
Do the artwork have to be submitted along with the application or can they be uploaded later?
Are there any costs for being selected to the festival?
What are the required visual materials for the artwork submission?
Is it possible to access the application form for POP UP FESTIVAL other than through Google?
Where can I find the terms and conditions for the POP UP FESTIVAL 2023?
What are the accepted formats for the artwork submissions?
Are only two-dimensional media accepted or can other forms such as sound, sculpture also be considered?