Sasha Lindegaard


Sasha Lindegaard is exploring the alternatives, turning negative into positive. She works with multiple media: painting, sculpture, video, and sound. And most of all, she is deeply fascinated by plastic. When biking around the streets of Copenhagen, she looks for plastic in the trash bins. From these different "organs" that she finds, she melts the plastic into her "creatures" by using a heat gun.

Over the last year, performance has been in her interest. She has received teaching in performance at Holbæk Kunsthøjskole @kunsthojskolen. Painting has been one of her safest media, so she has worked on making live paintings in the past year, a mixture of performance and painting. Sasha will do a live painting during POP UP FESTIVAL accompanied by her friend, who makes music and controls the sound of the performance. The painting will be exhibited after the performance.

Artwork Examples

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