Oline Nordengaard


Oline Nordengaard's photography can be described as an exploration of her inner world and how she tries to relate that to her outer world. She tries to create an understanding of herself and the world around her. She mostly keeps in the lane of art photography and usually captures no particular places, but it becomes a pretty particular universe through her lens.

Oline tends to draw on nature's wilderness to represent and mimic the wilderness of the human mind and state of feelings. As an artist, she is very intuitive and goes with her instincts. She rarely tries to define her way of creating because she likes to explore without necessarily needing a final answer to her search, but rather make room for it.

Oline attended photography school, which helped her get more specific with noticing what she does with her photography. This has also made her more confident in her artistry. She mostly enjoys working with people and photographing them. Meeting with another person and exploring the recognition through one another is very interesting for her.

Artwork Examples

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