Mette Damgaard Larsen


In her artistic work, Mette Damgaard is interested in how the concept of reality and truth comes to life differently, resulting from heritage and the environment, as well as religious and political worldviews, and how this helps shape the self. She examines social constructions and states that amaze her, and with an introspective approach, she sheds light on the questions she has for them. Mette is particularly interested in the fusion between the figurative and abstract design language and the surreal suspense it can create. In her work with painting, she uses an artistic expression based on the use of different "vision machines". She uses her iPhone as a digital tool. She screws and shapes image files through camera settings, various apps, and filters from social media and subsequently transfers them to the painting via her artistic interpretation. Through this technical eye, she interprets reality into a mechanical and surreal state.

Artwork Examples

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