Lukas MyrgÄrd Backer


At the moment, he works primarily with paintings and performances. In his paintings, he uses found materials that he processes by painting, polishing, scratching, varnishing, etc. He likes to work in layers while maintaining a rough, simple sketch aesthetic. He works spontaneously but always with a figure in mind from everyday life, which he exaggerates and twists into something crooked and abnormal. He is drawn to artists like Georg Condo and the Danish Claus Ejner because of their work with absurd and grotesque themes. Like them, he wants to use humor but still sustain an underlying seriousness. When he makes films and performances, he works with absurdity as it exposes unspoken relations and everyday issues. He uses himself to show vulnerability in the works but always with a self-ironic approach. In both his performances and paintings, he strives to create absurdity by repeating motifs and sentences.

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