Kathrine Milner


She started painting in April 2021 with a longing for the personal and an urge to give voice to some deepfelt emotions and perspectives. She has been absorbed in defining her artistic world by converting the thoughts, perspectives, and feelings attached to her interest in consciousness and philosophy. Her journey so far has been taking on a high pace. Three months ago, she was offered to exhibit at Gallery Norup. Her series of works sum up her interests as a person. These interests are reflected in the works defined by abstract visuals activated by diving deep into the imagination and flow state led by intuition rather than logic. Her process is sacred to her and has become her main focus, making the painting the by-product of this state of mind. The urge to tune into these practices operating with this mindset comes from an inner mission to develop and cultivate higher awareness and reflectiveness around our social structures and behavior. In that sense, her personal and artistic spirit has a norm-breaking and peace-loving mission with references to the social movements characterized by the 60s/70s. This era has always resonated deeply with her. She sees how this is reflected in her visual expression as an artist. Her art provides a language that gathers people and speaks to the heart rather than logic. Being able to meet like-minded people and cultivate reflection through personal expressions is why she applied for this year's POP UP FESTIVAL.

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