Jonas Erboe


Jonas Erboe (b.1992, DK) is a visual artist studying at Bergen Academy of Art. His praxis is based on action-based painting, often taking his athletic abilities as a point of departure. Jonas Erboe is working on the tradition of 40s abstract expressionism, taking the approach, the palette, and the understanding of the period into a contemporary context. His productions are based on the common and repetitive action, which questions accepted truths regarding identity, language, and social relations over time.

Physical presence in his practice is connected to using one's body to demonstrate dissent. Dissent in the face of expectations, anxiety, and vulnerability. In the post-war period, Pollock, de Kooning, Mitchel, and Motherwell confronted the same issues regarding freedom, responsibility, and self-knowledge.

It's about chaos, and it's about creating order in the chaos. But the order itself is hardly as important as demonstrating its vulnerability or fragility.

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