Jasmin Mahalati


Jasmin Mahallati dreams of being able to live independently of her art.She was born in 1998 and has always had a dream of being able to create a brand based on herself and what she creates. This dream is gradually becoming a reality, and she is now studying at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.

Jasmin is half Iranian and half Palestinian, and she comes from a wonderful cultural home where she grew up in a Muslim family. Her upbringing has given her other perspectives to look at her country of birth, Denmark, for which she is grateful.

As a child, she was enormously embarrassed about her origins, but she could not be more proud today. She hopes that one day she can tell children in the same situation as she were that there will come a day when they do not have to be ashamed of themselves for looking different from their ethnic Danish friends.

Jasmin moves in many different media in her art, such as sculpture, painting, video, and textiles. She loves switching between various media because then she never gets tired of doing the same thing all the time. It is essential to her that other young minorities can reflect themselves in her works.

Currently, she works more with her cultural background and where she comes from. She wants to show that she is proud of her roots.

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