Jacob Sander Goldinger


Jacob's latest project explores how our feelings control and influence how we see and experience our surroundings and self-image. There's a lot of experimentation and exploration of mediums and materials in his work processes. He is interested in expanding his methods, and he is confident about the facilities and workshops.

He has a fast-paced and impulsive intuition and curiosity, which generate many ideas, concepts, and questions about everything, mainly evolving existence and belonging. The need to work across mediums helps him emphasize those questions. He has expressed himself through photographs for years, and he feels an urge to experiment and challenge the boundaries of still photography. He mixes making darkroom prints and jet inc and like manipulating the images more in hand with paint, soaps, and other materials. This analog post-production method makes him feel more involved in the work. It gives it a tactile feeling that compliments the content. He likes making everything around the photograph a part of the work, which inspired his latest project with pieces of glass. These pieces infect and take over the picture behind them like strong feelings blur and control how we understand our surroundings, situations, and ourselves.

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