Inéz Carmen Stuven


Inéz Carmen Stuven is a self-taught artist who has made art most of her life, but she started cultivating it in 2017 when she stayed at the Art College in Holbæk. She has previously exhibited paintings and graphic works through Gallery Epoke at Matrikel1 (2020) and for a charity exhibition for TogetherWePush at MENUE (2021)

In her practice, she works in her studio at Blågårds Plads, where she primarily works with paintings, graphic works, and drawings. However, currently, she is most preoccupied with using materials that are imprecise and create texture and 'errors', such as the oil chalk, where she does not have complete control over the outcome of the process.

Inéz is most interested in portraying the point just before the outcome of an extreme situation where time stands still and fate has not yet been clarified.Her art examines how power struggles unfold on different scales and how one as a human being must accept the outcome, whether one is in battle with oneself, other people, or nature. She views these situations as a fly on the wall - an outsider who reports and collects at these moments.

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