Ida Marie Meyer


During Ida Marie Meyer's studies at the university, she experienced enthusiasm when she turned toward theory. She realized how learning about cultural mechanisms; how we use language; why we act as we do when we enter a museum motivated her and became a significant part of why she wanted to keep going. At some point, she started feeling a desire to connect the academic theory with her own life, experiences, and body. She wanted to create a link between the thoughts, the knowledge, and the wonder that the theory accelerated and the physical manifestation of these internal movements in her personal life. Art allowed her to do so.

A great part of her practice results from her curiosity about materials: what happens if she paints without sight or drags a piece of fabric through the forest; What does an imprint of her mother's garden look like? Her ideas come to life from this curiosity and take form. In her practice, she primarily works with relations - with the subject's relationship to its surroundings, materials, other people, or/and to one's self. This theme is at the center of her work field, and she tries, in my practice, to investigate the topic based on her own body, experiences, memories, personal objects, etc. Her curiosity lies in figuring out how she, as a human being, connects with the reality around her or the body which, one could way, surrounds her.

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