Gaia Trampedach


Gaia Armyrantis Trampedach is a 26 old artist that lives in Copenhagen and had an upbringing on a little island called Bornholm.

Gaia’s world of motifs moves curiously and changeably in the form of expression, where she explore the human body and mind, our way with each other and nature.

Over the past year, she has experimented with depicting nature, mythology, and the future in a glimpse of eerie romance and magical realism.

She often works with distortions, contrasts and parallels and is currently inspired by artists such as Mamma Andersson and Ruprecht Von Kaufmann for their curiosity in "Das Unheimliche". 

“In their work, I see something unsettling and aesthetically beautiful, performed in a mixture of classic craftsmanship and a playful approach to the use of color, materials, and surfaces, which I look up to and test out in my own practice.”

Gaia experiences in myself and in her surroundings a hunger for romance, beauty, and peace, after the turbulent time we have all have gone through the last few years. But also, an underlying alertness and for some fear, for the future we are coming into. 
She sees it expressed in a rise of works that romanticize nature and mythology but also a dystopian future, with chaos, neon, and plastic.

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