Anna Amalie Richelsen


Anna focuses on the material, technique, and aesthetic expression in her practice. She likes to do her work by hand and learn new techniques with needlework. She creates a narrative that often has mythological or religious themes in her works.

Anna sees textile art as a broad subject that encompasses many aspects. Textile art is an artistic field with a narrative and an aesthetic expression and craftsmanship, from the production of the selected materials to the techniques used in the work itself. All this helps to influence the expression and meaning of a work. At the same time, textiles are also a commercial product we are surrounded by in everyday life.All of these aspects are something she is aware of in her process. She incorporates it by thinking about her choices concerning material and technique and using it to promote the meaning she places in a work. She does this by collecting different recycled materials, such as fabric and yarn, and by combining the different material types and processing them in dyeing, knitting, sewing, embroidery, or printing in the same work. Her choice of material types and processing focuses on sustainability.

Artwork Examples

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