about us

We are an organization driven by a group of young cultural entrepreneurs. We facilitate a platform that helps jumpstart up-and-coming artists careers.

our mission

POP UP ARTS' mission is to convey art from up-and-coming artists to a larger audience. We want to help artists who believe they fit our concept by providing exposure to their talents and abilities. We acknowledge the difficulty for a new artist to break through in the art industry, so by becoming an outlet for these artists, we will do our best to provide a solution and helping hand.

our vision

POP UP ARTS' vision is to become a platform that attracts the best and most talented up-and-coming artists in the Nordics. We envision attracting attention from some of the most extensive galleries in Scandinavia due to the quality and high level of artwork. Our artists will have the best opportunities to be discovered and establish themselves on the Danish and international art scene. Our platform will contribute to the public becoming more engaged and interested in art regardless of previous experiences in the art world.

social mission

We will break down some of the barriers that keep the general public from experiencing more art by creating a community of learning, networking, and exchanging knowledge.

POP UP FESTIVAL is one of the main initiatives to bring our purpose to life. At the festival, artists can reach a larger audience and get exposure through promotions and exhibitions. Additionally, they will get the opportunity to meet like-minded people and exchange their knowledge and experiences.

As our festival will be an outdoor event, we provide the framework for an approachable, convenient, and welcoming exhibition. We are making everyone involved and inviting a large audience to engage in a conversation with our artists, hopefully breaking down some barriers for the general public.

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